Eng Hoe Power Backup System

Our Product and Service Market

Below are our Product and Service which we are expert and having more that 3 decades of experience.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply System
  • Power Converters & Battery Charges
  • Industrial Batteries
  • Other Power Electronics
  • Precision Air conditioner

Celebration of 32 Years


  • 2022
    Eng Hoe EPC UPS System​

  • 2012
    Distributor for Intellibatt BMS​
  • 2011
    Distributor for Gamatronics​
  • 2003
    Distributor for Chloride UPS​

  • 2000
    Distributor for MasterGuard UPS ​

  • 1995
    Distributor for Siemens UPS​

  • 1993
    Started UPS Business
  • 1992
    Privatization of Eng Hoe​

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